Have you ever had the experience of opening that box with that special beloved treasure in it, only to find a smashed bunch of pieces when you open it? Ugh! Avoiding such moving disasters can be solved by simply having proper prep and accessories.

Our 4 Packing Fragile Item Tips for your peace of mind and the care of your precious pieces.

  1. Start as soon as possible. Wrapping valued china, porcelain, crystal and all fragile items requires a little time. You don’t want to hurry through this. Begin way before the big move day and take your time to make sure everything is wrapped and packed well.
  2. Get the correct accessories. Among other things: boxes of various sizes, newspaper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and scissors. Ice cream or some wine might help to get some friends to help, too!
  3. Label all boxes. Write “Fragile” on all sides of your boxes. Also, what room do they go in? Write this on the box, as well. This will ensure that the movers are careful with your belongings, and save time for you knowing that you’re boxes are already where they belong.
  4. List the most important items to you. Taking extra care with your most valued possessions will help you feel less stress during the moving process.

It is an exciting time, after all, and can also be an enjoyable experience!