Let’s face it: being in a new place can be very exciting, but moving is no fun.

Locating to a new home can be an adventure, yet the moving process can be nerve-racking, expensive, and full of surprises. Make your next move as smooth as possible by reading these tips:

Schedule your move in advance. Don’t wait till the last minute. Make sure your move is scheduled weeks in advance, at least. Although Estate Treasures and Services can help you move with only a few days notice, you will have so much less stress having your move scheduled ahead of time. You don’t want to be scrambling to schedule a mover the day before you’re supposed to head out.

Don’t pack too much stuff. Do you really need those old baby clothes that you haven’t seen since your 6-year-old was in diapers? Before you move, “edit” your belongings. Can you throw away some of your things, donate them to charity, or give them away to friends and relatives? Consider holding a garage sale or Craigslist to clear out some of the clutter. If you haven’t seen, worn, or used something in a year, do you really need to move it?

Pack ahead of time. You’ll find very few people who’ll say that packing is fun. In fact, a survey commissioned by SpareFoot found that people who moved in the past year identified packing and unpacking as the biggest hassle in the process. Start early!

Hire a good honest mover. Beware of moving scams that can run anywhere from bogus “moving deposits”, to bait-and-switch estimates, to overly-complicated contracts. You can steer clear of a tricky mover by doing your homework. Read reviews and ask your relatives, friends and neighbors about their moving experiences. Doing some homework online can save you a lot of heartache. Estate Treasures and Services is a family-run business that is simply pay-by-the-hour. No funny business, although we like to have fun!

And on moving day, make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks – ok, maybe some pizza, too – and cold beverages on hand to alleviate moving-related stress.