Some people were born to garden. They love the feeling of the soil between their fingers. They love working outside in the sunshine. But some of us are not as talented or inclined toward gardening tasks. You still want to have a gorgeous-looking yard, and even if you hire professional landscapers, maintenance is always required. Following are some gardening tips for someone without a green thumb.

Keep It Small

There is no reason to go overboard in terms of your first garden. Whatever you decide to plant, from flowers to food, keep it small. The smaller it is, the easier it will be to maintain. You may even consider gardening in pots or raised beds.

Choose the Right Plants

There are a lot of plants for beginners, too. For example, perennial flowers will return year after year and can be a good low-maintenance option. If you like to have a one-and-done experience, consider some annuals so you can change the look of your yard each year when you replace them.

Make Use of Non-Plant Features

If you want to make a memorable landscape, you also can consider features that aren’t plant-based. Stones and gravel can look attractive. You also can incorporate bird feeders, birdbaths and even garden statues to make a design statement.

Grow Food

To get the most out of your garden, invest more time in food or herbs than flowers. Tomatoes can be an easy vegetable to grow for first-time gardeners. Herbs are also a great way to get started. Plant mint, rosemary, basil or cilantro to add flavor to your foods naturally.

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