It’s starting to feel like spring! At Estate Treasures and Servicesthrift store, we have very high quality second hand tools, garden implements, and even patio furniture. Here are some special tips for you to prepare your lawn this spring:

  • Test your soil with a kit. Soil test kits determine levels of PH, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and other micro and macronutrients in your soil. A soil test will tell you what you need to do to your soil for the best growth.
  • Disinfect any tools that touch plants in order to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, and soil pathogens. Submerge all you lawn tools – lawnmower blades, shovels, trowels, rakes, pruners, etc. –  for 30 minutes in a solution of 10% bleach and 90% water.
  • Tune up your lawnmower. If you didn’t already do so in the fall, drain your lawnmower’s old fuel. Put in new fuel, switch out the spark plugs, clean or replace the air filter, change the oil, and sharpen the blades.
  • Your other motorized devices, too. Do maintenance on your leaf blower and trimmer according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Stock up on trimmer line.
  • Hand tools, as well. Sharpen your pruners, clippers, and trowels. Oil hand tools that have moving metal parts, and coat the metal to stop rust. Smooth rough patches on wood handles.
  • Check irrigation systems. Check the rubber washers on your hoses, sprinklers, and nozzles for cracking and replace if necessary.
  • Wash pots and planters in order to remove mold, fungi, and little pests. Use a brush and mild soap, then rinse and leave to dry.
  • Inspect lawn furniture. Check wood parts for splinters, pests, rot, and other damage. Sand and repaint or restain if necessary. Look at cushions and covers and wash if possible.
  • Maintain fencing, gates, and decorations. Replace old pieces and repaint or restain anything that could use it.

Doing these tasks now will allow you enjoy your summer care-free of extra work!