Have an Idea of What You Want, While Keeping Your Eyes Open for Treasures

When going into any thrift store, have a goal of what you are looking for. Thrift and antique stores may sometimes look unorganized, but most of the time they are quite organized, often by category.  Part of the fun for most people is in the hunt for delicious items, but having a starting point for yourself with give you a little focus in your search.

In addition, save pictures and keep your list of coveted items. You don’t want to forget to look for those things always on your list. Your favorite thrift store should have a wish list set out for you to add the items that you are looking for. This will make it easier for store clerks to help you locate specific items or let you know when what you want comes in.

Save Time by Scanning the Aisles

Depending on the size of the thrift store you go to, it could take a very long time to go through everything. In order to not waste time while still finding potential gems, you want to master the art of the scan. Based on what you are looking for, your aesthetics, and your preferred color palette, go through the store and scan each rack for things that stand out and catch your eye.

At a thrift store or antiques store, most if not all sales are final. To circumvent noticing defects too late, inspect each piece as you browse.

Make Friends With Your Thrift Store Staff!

No matter what thrift store you enter, make friends with the staff! Thrift and antique store personnel are usually very knowledgeable and friendly. They can help you while you shop and also give you valuable information, such as when new merchandise comes in and where to find something that just came in.

So just ask! And enjoy your shopping.