You may have recently noticed an increase in traffic and people on the move, as May is National Moving Month, and we are now in the busiest season of the year for relocations.

Here are 3 reminders for you of things to not forget in your move:

1. The Movers
After signing the papers on your new house, apartment, or adult community, the next most stressful part of moving is the move itself. Knowing what moving company to trust with all of your belongings is invaluable. Ask around and even more importantly, read reviews of local moving companies that will take care of you and your belongings safely, quickly, and with a smile.

2. Storage or Donation
Oftentimes when people move, they don’t move everything they have in their current house into their new home. Everything from clothes, to furniture, to appliances can be stored, so a storage facility may be an option. Another option to consider is donating furniture, or even simply leaving it with your moving company to take care of.

3. The Cleaners
People need both the home they are moving out of, and the home they are moving into, professionally cleaned. Moving can be nerve-wracking, and the last thing you want to do is clean your house after going through all the work of packing and organizing! A professional cleaning service can help take this worry off your mind.

Celebrate National Moving Month with a stress-free and smooth move!