Did you know…?

That Estate Treasures and Services does online auctions, too!

Twice each month we hold an online auction of choice items that we put up for public sale on AuctionNinja.com. It’s a fun way to shop and win on bids and possibly get great deals.

One great thing about shopping by online auction is that in all this craziness of Covid and needing to be careful, it is still a fun way of getting some extremely unique items that you don’t find in any big box stores or your usual online retailers. No need to leave the house, until it is time to pick up the goods you’ve won bids on. And you can be rest assured that Estate Treasures and Services follows all Covid safety protocols in our store.

And on top of that, other auctions are live on AuctionNinja at the same time. So you can peruse many auctions from other places, as well!

Visit our auction page at https://www.auctionninja.com/estate-treasures-and-services/