Should I tip my movers? A common question! Movers are a part of the service industry like waiters and cosmetologists. As a result, movers are usually tipped as a thank you for their hard work and to show appreciation for the level of service they gave. Tipping, though, is not required.

We understand it’s a question that people can be unclear about. So here are some guidelines for you on tipping movers.

How Much Should I Tip My Mover? The answer to this question depends on how well your move went. Were your items handled with care? Did the movers ask you the necessary questions to be clear on what you needed done? Did they help to make your move day a little less stressful? Estate Treasures and Services wants you to be completely happy with your move and the movers who helped you.

If they did a great job, we would recommend approximately $20 to $30 per mover for a move.

How Should I Tip Movers? How you hand over the tip really depends on your personality and circumstances. Cash is always appreciated. If you want to show your thankfulness to each mover, then feel free to gather them together. If things are a bit hurried or you have specific instructions you want carried out then feel free to give the money to the lead. Once the movers have left, he/she can divide the tip evenly between all the movers.

Water and Snacks are Great, too!: Moving is hard work! Feel free to have water and snacks like fruit or granola bars for all that muscle.

Our movers will never ask for tips. Tips are earned and should not be expected. Our movers are professional and by no means should ever make you feel uncomfortable. You should give tips because you want to.

Here is a typical review our movers have received, and one we would be happy for you to make:

“I called around 8:30 am and they showed up at 9:30 am. Extremely pleasant and friendly. Even helped me move a piece of furniture from one room of my apartment to another at no extra charge! If you need items removed or any services I would absolutely recommend these guys! Thank you for such great customer service.” S. Owens