As is moving from one home to another, Spring is also all about change!

Spring is the time of rebirth, when plants, flowers, and even people seem to find new life. Especially this spring when we could all use some new energy.

Many people feel this need to move so strongly that the urge to have new experiences and be in different locations comes to fruition. The hottest real estate housing market every year is in the spring. No wonder.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when moving in the spring.

1. Get a good deal more for a good deal less

The best time of year to move?

Spring and fall are thought by many moving authorities to be the top times of year to move residences. This familiar secret has good reason, and most people miss the many advantages of moving in the spring, moving instead in the overcrowded summer months.

A spring move combines the benefits of both winter and summer moves, and unless you are willing to dig deeper into your pockets, you won’t be able to find any obvious downsides of the shrewd decision to move house in March, April, or May.

Here’s why moving in the spring is a great idea:

Competitive prices: Before the peak of the moving season, the majority of professional moving companies and truck rental companies have not yet started to charge the highest rates so that they can attract more customers. A summer move will cost you the most with a big moving company.

Experienced movers: Professional movers tend to be understaffed during the height of the moving season which could force them to employ temporarily helpers with very little experience in house relocation. When moving during the spring, you are almost certain to get the most experienced movers out there.

No scheduling conflicts: With the abundance of relocation jobs in the summer season, some less reputable local or nationwide movers could take the liberty of sacrificing your scheduled move for a more lucrative one. By contrast, a moving company would think twice before disregarding a booked residential move in the spring.

2. Get yourself a top-rated spring mover

It’s one thing to be aware that, as a rule, most movers still offer competitive prices after the off-peak winter period is over, and it’s yet another to know how to hunt down such a professional company and how to get the best relocation offer out of them.

Regardless of the calendar season, you need to make sure the mover you’re hiring for your spring relocation meets these three major requirements:

Affordability: Get multiple quotes from movers! As mentioned above, moving during the spring is a good time in terms of pricing, but at the end of the day, you will need to know just how good these prices are.

Good reputation: Reputation is very important for a moving company, as well as for any company for that matter. Read reviews.

Professionalism: Top-rated moving companies should be able to accommodate your move day without any problems because spring just happens to be the transitional period between the height of the off-peak moving season (winter) and before summer with the most moves.

3. Turn spring weather into your ally

After a long, cold, and harsh winter, the first mild days of spring are surely much appreciated.

The numerous perils of moving in winter – extreme cold, winter storms, icy roads, water damage, etc. – are now gone while the summer heat is still to come. Spring weather can be unpredictable, so keep an eye on the weather forecast for your moving day or weekend.

That being said, spring could also be the most beautiful and easiest time of year to move!

And remember, Estate Treasures and Services is always ready to happily help you with your moves!